I am 5 weeks post gallbladder removal and the RUQ pain has increased. I am a long distance runner and was cleared to run 2 weeks ago. I ran once at 3 weeks post op and could only go 1.75 miles because the pain became so intense. I waited until 2 days ago to try again and I ran 2.4 miles and had to stop. I did try running again the next day but only made it 1.73 miles and yesterday the pain lingered all day long. Today it is much worse. I have taken otc pain meds with no relief. It is even starting to effect my appitite. I am supose to start my 12 week training for a 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks and I can’t even make 2.5 miles! It feels like a bad side ache while running and just intensifies after I stop!