“I had my gallbladder removed about 20 years ago and have since had a lot of experience with “”post surgery”” ailments. I wright today in hope that I can help someone else, through experience.
The first thing I was told after surgery was that my life should not change at all, this is wrong. I don’t know if doctors just don’t know or they just don’t care, but, post “”any”” surgery comes with problems. If god gave it to you, you were meant to keep it. When you take it out, something else gets messed up. Enough with doctors, my son is studying to be one, so I cant dog them to bad. End result, you know your body, listen to it, if your doctor doesn’t listen, find another one who will.
After I went through all the post surgery pain and ailments, I found that I had “”IBS””. After I ate I was bloated, constipated and then my stomach would cramp until I developed cold sweats, almost passed out and then I dumped. Yes, IBS, is a “”catch all”” that doctors use when they just don’t know. Anyway an old gastro doctor put me on a medicine he said would help, but being young and stupid I decided not to take it because it was to much trouble. I lived miserable for almost fifteen years and had almost forgotten about the medicine he put me on.
Many, many years later I started having severe pain under my right ribs and decided to see another doctor. Long story short, my surgery had caused scar tissue to develope around the hole (bial duct opening) in my stomach and bial was backing up causing pancreatitis. For anyone that knows, this is a very painful process. Again, long story short, make sure your bial flow is good. This is checked with a test, I just cant remember the name of it.
Now back to the IBS, which is why I wrote. Don’t suffer, if you have post gallbladder surgery, IBS, ask your doctor to prescribe “”Questran””. Its a pain to take, but it works. It has something to do with bial salts, but when taken right, it is a god send. You’ve got to stick with it though, and tweak it to your body. The amount that works for me, might be more or less for you. I buy it in a big can and take one scoop in the morning in a bottle of water, and wow.
Anyway, dont suffer, get help.
Oh, P.S., if you are on anti-acids like prevacid, protonics, etc. and are getting headaches, get on something else. They do cause headaches, but no one will tell you.”