“Hello, Iâ??ve had my gallbladder out now for about a year. If I had a chance to do it again,,,,,, I would NOT. Not until I consulted with a Holistic medicine doc. Maybe try a few bladder cleansers first. I can tell you that ever since I had mine taken out,,, Iâ??ve had NOTHING but bowel problems. At least thatâ??s the way my life has been. Here lately (over a year since surgery) the diarrhea sometimes just comes on out of the blue!
I read an article that stated that the drug Colestid worked really well for some people.
If I only knew,,, looking back I would have tried a bladder cleanse or something first. Iâ??m going to try to get a script for that Colestid medicine. Maybe that will fix me. I know that some people do not have any issues after their gull bladder removal.
Good luck, hope this info helps!

Bob R.
Maryland, USA