I had my GB removed on 1 November 07. Prior to surgery I experienced 2 mounths of nausea, increasing with time, plus RUQ pain. After surgery the nausea continuesd with the RUQ pain plus abdominal pain, right flank pain and neck pain. Post op I have had MRI’s, CAT scans, and extensive blood work.. All unremarkable, except I am B12 deficient, which is good to know. The B12 shots have not changed my condition, however. In June I started developing GERD, with pain in my sternum. I do have an hiatal hernia. The GERD got worse with increasing chest pain, plus throat pain. My GI doc sent me twice to the ER for heart problems. I had a stress test with an echo sonogram, quite normal. So, I have decided to go to John Hopkins and seek the best. The GI doc there suspects Bile reflux, which my reasearch indicates makes sense. I will be a lab rat there for many weeks, which is fine by me. I need to do this for my family and myself. However, I am not that oppitmistic. I think for some, it just takes time. Maybe a lot of time.