My gall bladder was removed six years ago as the result of a near fatal accident. My gall bladder was healthy prior to removal so I had not experienced the pain and problems that most of you speak of prior to surgery. I was given no nutrition information and really no one said my diet should be different or that I would experience any discomfort or issues. I was told I could leave the hospital after I had a bowel movement and I clearly remember thinking, they are letting me leave after completing something that was nothing like bowel movements I had experienced in the past. Life has been completely different for me. I plan my menu around the proximity of the nearest restroom. I skip breakfast at times because I may not be able to go when I need to. I have not found “safe” foods. I find my body can handle no fat in the mornings, but I can get away with some fatty foods later in the day. I would appreciate any information on nutrition that would help. I have experienced a little weight gain as others have mentioned, but I am working out again and think that will help tremendously. I worry that as I get older that my condition will worsen… I have had no accidents, but sometimes I am extremely worried that I will not make it. My right arm gets goose bumps and the hair stands up on it just as I have to get to the restroom. I am guessing I am alone on that one…. Anyway thanks for listening.