“So I have spent hours this evening following all of the posts from the first website to here. I was soo excited that by pages twenty-something on that I might of had an answer to my problem, only by the next 20 plus pages to be dissapointed. At least I know I am not crazy, like all the doctors make me feel. They just don’t want to listen.

I too was very sick with my second pregnancy age(35)only to be diagnosed and to be told 5 months later after several attacks that my gall bladder must be removed. I read some of these concerns on the internet and mentioned them to my surgeon only to be told there was no truth to this.

Well throughout the first year I battled with diarreha and constipation and certain foods such as salad and soy made me violently ill. I refused to eat out and was always near a bathroom. I was not overweight prior to the surgery. Actually I was in the best shape in years, since I hit the gym 4x a week after my pregnancy. Stress made it worse. Although I lost weight prior to my surgery, I did not start to notice significant weight gain until about a year later. i have always been a healthy eater and excercized regularly. before I new it I had gained 20 lbs and had bouts of gas and bloating and extremely painful bowel movements. I didn’t go anywhere without gas-x or immodium and took them both daily. Some days I look 6 months pregnant, like most others it happens throughout the day…

Went to my doctor and was told, it was age, and stress, so I was given an antispasm medication for my colon and told by several doctors I have IBS. I continue to gain weight, another 3lbs this week for a total of 30 pounds. I weigh more then I did 9 months pregnant. I have never ever had an issue with my weight in the past. I thank you all for sharing your stories. I cannot believe this is what we have to live with.