Wow, I had my gallbladder removed in 2000, while I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter. The last 5 months I have had pain in my right upper quad. I have had kidney and bladder tests, liver tests, colonoscopy and endoscopy, blood tests, urine tests, x-rays, ct- scans, MRI’s, and a sonogram. The doctors can’t find anything wrong. My health has went down hill the last 5 years. I have been diagnosised with non-alcoholic liver disease, I get kidney stones all the time, I have ulcertive colitis, high blood pressure, late in life type one diabetes, high choloestrol, and who knows what else. The last 5 months have been horrific. The doctor’s have decided that since my “pain” is not easily explained, wrapped in a box with a bow, I must be a drug attic. OMG I could hurt somebody. Thanks to all of your post I now believe my pain is caused by scar tissue and I am going to follow that up. I have been on pain meds, off and on for over 5 years. I am so scared of the word addiction I suffer longer than necessary before taking stuff for pain. The id**t doctors know this because they went on that new site in Virginia and added up how many pills I have had in the last year, After completing some math skills they realized I have only taken 2 to 3 pills a day (if that). I have had to suffer because of addiction in my family so this really ticks me off. I had a problem with scar tissue two years ago. I had to have my tubes and ovaries removed due to a cyst disease. The pain started 6 months later. This was the first time I had all the previous test and nothing showed anything wrong. After 5 trips to the ER a doctor took pity on me. The blood work was slightly elevated and I had all the symptoms of my appendix rupturing. He went in and was shocked. Scar tissue had “superglued itself” to the bottom of my appendix and had caused a small tear. They took pictures but none of it ever showed on the tests I had done. My question is who do I see if I think I have scar tissue from my gallbladder? Do I go back to the doc who took out my appendix? The other doc no longer works here. This site may have just saved me from fixing my own pain. I was very discouraged and at my wits end. I don’t know how people live with chronic pain, I hate that doctors are so ready to label you a drug addict without any proof. I also how this new site can list our prescription drugs even though we have the hippaa law. This is like being judged quilty without having a trial and somebody needs to do something. I absolutely believe that prejudice has been shown toward me because of that government web site and believe everyone is now in danger of being treated badly due to their past medical problems. Sorry I just had to rant.