I had gall bladder surgery 2 and a half years ago. My stomach felt big for a long time. It took a month or so for it to feel back to normal. Also, there is no longer a place to store the bile from your liver. It used to slowly go into the stomach from the gall bladder and then digest. Now it is sent directly through the duct into the stomach so the more fat you eat the more is released. Try to eat things without fat for awhile until your body gets used to it, and don’t eat a lot at a time. Do not starve yourself or you will never adjust. If you continue to have problems there may be a blockage in the bile duct and you may want to have that checked. Ask your doctor about a medicine they have to help the stomach until you adjust.. After a a few months I felt back to normal and after a year I could eat anything. It gets progressively better.