I’ve been reading these boards for months, but this is the first time I’ve ever joined or posted. Have had digestive problems for years, starting with (my own fault) anorexia nervosa in 1979 at the age of 16. Anyway, last August I became sick with diarrhea in one night. Horribly sick. I went to urgent care after about five days. They said it was the stomach flu and to drink Gatorade. It didn’t get better. I could make this very long, but to sum it up, I saw eight doctors and a naturopathic doctor. Nobody had a clue what was wrong. One even put in my chart that it was in my head. Had a colonoscopy, lots of blood work and four sets of stool samples. I asked every one of them if it could be my gallbladder and every one of them said no, until the eighth doctor. She sent me for a Hida Scan and I had a 12% ejection fraction. Had my gallbladder out in January and have been more sick since the surgery than before it. Incapacitating diarrhea and dizziness, nausea, but only have vomited once (green), terribly bitter taste, pain where the gallbladder was and basically the same thing that most of you have written about, including the depression. An endoscopy revealed a hiatal hernia and gastritis. There is no doubt that my gallbladder was bad, but I don’t believe it led to the illness that began that night. I had eaten some bacon that was out of date, but was frozen and I thought it would be ok. Stupid move. I never do things like that and I know in my heart that was what did it. I believe that I probably had H. pylori, which cannot be detected through stool samples. I think that my body rid itself of the bacteria, but left me with gastritis. Wish I wouldn’t have had my gallbladder out, but can’t change it. I take six Welchol tablets a day. Anyway, through a lot of research on the web I found “Bentonite Clay”. I would highly recommend all of you Google it. It has been used for thousands of years for healing. The clay absorbs the bile in your stomach. I buy it at a health food store and you can either get liquid or powder. I buy the liquid for the simplicity of it and it doesn’t taste bad at all. A very large bottle runs about $20. I was going through a large bottle of Pepto-Bismol every six days, a small bottle of Maalox a week and a lot of Imodium. I’m pretty much off of all of that now, with the Welchol and the Bentonite Clay. I take apple pectin and lactobacillus acidophilus also. My gastroenterologist had put me on a PPI, but through these boards I realize that I do not have acid reflux, but bile reflux so I have stopped it. I believe that healing comes from God and I know that He has heard me and will heal me in His timing. Until then the Welchol and Clay have helped me tremendously