i had my gallbladder removed 5 years ago and i know all about the fatty foods, the grease, the stress , but somtimes, it wouldnt bother me, but then out of now were , in the last few months i get these violent attacks. Somtimes they happen in the middle of a bowel movement . at the beggining or at the end of one…. sometimes the food dosent even digest and stomach acid along with broken up feces comes out ….also just before these attacks happen my kidneys hurt until it travels through my bowels…..the really bad ones make my anal area feel like im turning inside out ……i found a stringy film yesterday in the toilet after one of my attacks….chroans runs in my family aswell as diverticulitus…im going to set up a colonoscopy soon but i fear for the worst…seems that here latley no matter what i eat after a few days i have an attack and they happen more frequently…..i was 29 when the gall bladder was removed but ive always had stomach problems…im not sure what i have?