hello i just wanted to thank u for writing that! b4 i came to this site today i thought i was alone, the doctors here act like they have no clue and i struggle with this every single day much like u said that hunger pain in the morning is the hardest for me, but i in no way can get anything down but a sip of water to swollow pain meds and then sit wit a heating pad and pray to jesus for the pain to stop, i hope u dnt mind but i just wanted to ask does pain meds help u? i feel terrified that i will need these for the rest of my life?? and the doctors have put me threw hell about them but i dnt know any other way to make then pain stop or atleast livable..ive tried everything i can think of super hot showers forcesing myself to drink water or like some crackers which only mkes it worse? sorry to bug u with this but it seems like u know alot about it and i feel helpless.. one last questions plz do u think all this pain means there is somthing really wrong inside our bodys? thank u very much for ur time and i really hope u feel better!!!