My wife had her GB removed 4 weeks ago at first any fat would cause diarrhea but now she is getting constipated which she has had that for years. I was hoping the GB removal would fix it she had it removed because it caused paid for 3 years they kept saying it was acid reflux but after a few times we found it was after she ate fatty foods her GI orded a hida scan it was 35%. They said she had no stones and it was up to us to have it out or not. She couldn’t wear a bra all day it would cause pain and she had to pull on the front all the time and contort her body. When the surgen pulled the GB out she told us it was full of black bile which she said was a good thing because that black bile was a sign that the GB was causing the issue. Now she complains that her breath is bad and her teeth feel dirty eventhough she is brushing 3-4 times a day. She says her body oder is stronger now I don’t notice anything maybe her body just adjusting to not having a GB. This last week she has been doing better still has to watch out for fatty foods but thats okay less fat is better.