“I am a 39 year old female(gallbladder removed 8 years ago) who started the same type of journey in January. I had an ovarian cyst with increase RUQ pain. OBGYN sent me for CT scan, showed blocked bile duct(enlarged on one end, compacted on other). Started to have heartburn and difficulty eating (lost 45 pounds since 1st ERCP). Had 1st ERCP and had blockage removed including a micro carcinoid tumor also, pancrease was inflamed.
Continued to have pain, Dr did 2nd ERCP and I had a stent for 24 hours to drain the pancreas. I had 3 days of no pain and then my stomach flipped(same feeling as driving over a hill and you get the flip). Since then I have had pain in RUQ under 1st rib and goes around to my back. My pain is between a 3-5 all day and will increase to 8-9 with food(Still can’t eat much as pain increases).
Went back to Doctor in May and was told it was due to over active nerves/maybe I should change my job.
Had exploratory surgery a few weeks ago, OBGYN found endometriosis, Gastro doc(different doc) could not find anything. Am scheduled for Gastric emptying studying and have asked doctor for any other tests to determine what is wrong. Due to allergies, I am unable to take med’s other than ibuprofen. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.”