“My Gall Bladder Surgery Horror Story
I had my gall Bladder removed summer 2005, with no mention of any side effects or problems associated with surgery. Almost straight after surgery I had severe diarrhoea for 2 weeks constantly. The pain started after 1 day and by the 4th day post op I was unable to function, lying down was impossible. I was sent home on a Wednesday by Friday I could hardly get a breath and my GP sent me back to A&E.
I was diagnosed with an escaped gall stone which had blocked the bile duct and burst the severed duct that previously went to the gall bladder. My stomach cavity had filled up with bile and restricted the inflation of my rhs lung, had I not returned to hospital I would have been in serious trouble risking death. I was impaled with a six inch needle below my liver and 2-3 ltrs of bile gushed out, over the next few days another 3-4 ltrs empted into a bag I carried, after which I was sent home again.
Over the next 3 years my diarrhoea became more severe and was very explosive resulting in multiple large painful anal fissures. The diarrhoea was cryptic in nature some foods would be ok one day and not the next, but always taking no more than 10 minutes to evacuate. This was my biggest nightmare which resulted in 3 further surgeries to ease the pain from my rear end, not once was my troubles attributed to my initial gall bladder surgery, even my suggestions of a connection were knocked down.
After the above surgeries I was given laxative to ease the rear end during motions but this made matters worse bringing more fissures which were larger than before. At one point the entire circumference of my anus was swollen and the pain was indescribable. When I was at my most depressed I decided to investigate myself and the internet highlighter I was not alone, I found out about”