“my gb was meant to be a key hole job but when they got in they couldn’t see it. now i have an 8″” scar from open surgery. my gb was infected and stuck to my liver and other bits around. i had leak and a drain bag filling with green mess for 9 days before they would let me out.
in years gone by i used to get bad heartburn but sorted it eventually with diet and stopping drinking (i wasn’t a big drinker either) then last november i was violently ill one evening and was admitted with inflammed and infected gall bladder. i had 7 days in and a real bad time with temp upto 40 deg.
2 months on in jan it was all over but 8wks on after the initial runny bum i’ve gone the oposite way. constipated. so off to the doc and he gave me Movicol to shift things its worked but not brilliant and for good measure i have gained the most hideous oderous gas that there is. my wife says i need to go to a special home where everybody is the same. it is quite bad.
since my op i have eaten pretty much what i want but have had reflux on occassion. prob meals too big more than anything.
i’m going to try and eat smaller portions and see what happens.
I went into hospital last november tipping the scales at 15 stone and came out 7 days later 13.5 stone.
when i came out after the big op i was 12.5 stone but have got to 13.5 again.
anyone got any good tips i’m all ears.
scar is sore and lumpy
moving in bed is an issue still but sex is not affected still good.
oh yes i’m 49 male”