“hello all,

seems like many people are experiencing issues post gallbladder removal. Mine was removed about 1 1/2 yrs. ago (I wasn’t informed by my surgeon either bprior to or after surgery of my liver. Since that time i have to be close to a bathroom after any meal, as I sometimes have to run to the bathroom anywhere from 5-20 minutes after eating. About two months ago, I started with daily, very painful, lower absominal cramping that would not subside, even after going to the bathroom. I’ve had lower-mid back pain as well since the surgery. Certain foods do seem to irritate the cramping and need to go to the bathroom, but the foods that irritate do not always irritate.

I’ve had ultrasound, ct scan, colonoscopy, various culture samples and only have come back with some unidentified fluid in the small intestine and some mild thickening of the ascending colon. Docs say could be beginning of crohn’s disease, diverticulitis or some type of colitis. They don’t think it is IBS because I don’t get relief after going to the bathroom.

It is very frustrating, interferes with the quality of your life, interferes with your daily activities,etc.

I’ve seen some reports that say seeds and nuts used to be believed to irritate the digestive system, now have seen newer reports that there is no real research to support it.

Anyway, wanted to share my experience as well as everyone’s dilemma with what to do and how to live a better life with these symptoms.

Thanks ;)”