“My wife is in the same boat. After giving birth to twins, she had gallbladder problems & had to have it removed. They described it as ‘sand’ in the gallbladder.

Now, 4 years later she started having massive pain on her right side/abdomen area. She is a constant pain level 6, but eating *anything* causes it to spike up to 10. Sometimes she has attacks even without eating. She describes the pain as exactly the same as right before they pulled her gallbladder.

Many ER visits and 1 hospital stay resulted in…well, nothing at all. Every test as the rest of you describe were all negative. I did reading on the web leading me to SoD, but didn’t mention it to any doctors.

She saw an entire team of GI’s, with the end result being 95% probably that she had SoD – but the GI would not do anything about it. He referred her on to a Doctor at Jackson Hospital (at the University of Miami). We had to get records to the doctor & wait, but finally saw him.

After reviewing her case, he’s going to do the surgery & cut the muscle (and check for anything the tests might have missed) – that’s next week. In addition to the potential for complications, my real concern is that this does nothing to help the pain.

She’s lost 30 or so pounds in 3 months, and I’m very scared that if this doesn’t work the next step will be.. nothing. The doctor briefly mentioned the possibility of simply learning to live with it.

It does seem weird in this day & age that there are still problems people can have that not only have no cure – but have no diagnosis either. Not to belittle some other incurable things, but at least they can be diagnosed if not cured. This feels worse since no one really seems to know what the cause is.”