hi I have exactly the same symptoms . Ive had my gb removed early 2011 and woke up with an extra scar and remebering waking during the surger . The surgeon never mentioned any of these things . Ive also lost at least 20 pounds . Ive been hospitalized 4 times with sever side and back pain . Its terrible and like you ive also tried every anti depressant or anti epileptic drug on the market and im quite sick of the pain. Ive only been to one hospital for treatment . The same hospital that I had the surgery in. I changed primary care doctors and am with a whole new group of doctors and hospital. Two visits they had no doubt it was nerve injury caused by the gb removal. Ive been refered to a neurologist who has to perform a nerve conduction to verify exactly which nerve has been damaged . The dx is THORACIC NEURITIS. ITs something for an entire group of doctors to tell me that “i need to see a pschaitrist ” “the pain is in my head” and treat me like im an addict looking for pain meds. ALL I EVER WANTED WAS A DX AND PROPER MEDICAL CARE. when I have proof of the nerve damage as they suspect it will be lawyer time. IM sick of not being able to do the most simple things like hold myself up , exercise or just walk around like a normal person. THE PAIN CAN BE EXTREME to the point of tears. MY husband has to rub my side and back every night with icy hot . I Take anxiety meds, anti depressants and now narcotics . I could not tolerate lyric ,gabapentin,venlafaxin, wellbutrin, I took ibuprofen 800 mg as prescribed then was dx with gasteritis . Its a no win situation. YOU ARE NOT ALONE . I feel the pain all day everyday . Never goes away …just some days are a little easier to make it through than others. GOOD LUCK TO YOU