“I made the mistake of having 3 1/2 hour emergency laparoscopic gall bladder surgery in 1999. I woke up in the operating room and just 6 weeks later my sutures ripped open. My surgeon claimed that I was fine and that the intense pain and bulge in my right side of my belly button was “”scar”” tissue. I was bent over in pain and couldn’t stand up when I went for my appointment.
Actually, a CAT Scan confirmed that my intestine came out through a 3 x 4 inch opening and I required hernia repair with a mesh. Less than a year later, the bulge came back and so did 24/7 pain. I went to another surgeon to do the repair.
I found out that this type of surgery is called “”swiss cheese surgery”” and I have been told by a medical secretary that it requires a repair in 70 to 80 percent of the cases (the percent is not documented by professionals).
While I was waiting for my hernia operation (in 1999),a nurse told me a patient in the adjacent room was scheduled for the same repair operation following laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.
I am damaged for life. The hospitals are happy because it is “”repeat business””. There are days I cannot roll over in bed, cannot bend to make a bed and am in worse condition than my 84 year old mother. Gall bladder surgery “”runs in my family”” but I am the only fool who did it laparoscopically. My surgeon stated to me, “”If you think you look bad on the outside, you should look at your insides””. Very sad indeed!”