“3 years ago,I had my gallbladder removed!
Every since its been pure hell for me! I regret
so much having my gallbladder removed! After
having my gallbladder removed, I had to have 3 other surgeries, due to my gallbladder surgery.
I had 2 surgeries to remove adhesions and lesions from my insides including my bowels.
I also had to have a procedure done on my bladder from where I had multiple hemorrhages.
I can’t believe the shit, I been going through
since my gallbladder surgery! I have experienced unexplained chest pain, back pain, feel very sick at times and I constantly get diarreah. For 3 years, I have feared that I may
possibly die, because I can’t get answers from doctors on why I may be experiencing all these
problems, since my gallbladder surgery. My
biggest fear is possibly dying and leaving my
only child, which is 15 years old, without his
mother.My advice to anyone thinking about having their gallbladder removed Don’t Do It!
You may regret it afterwards! I know I do!
Your family and loved ones may regret it as well!”