My gallstones were asymptomatic and were found by accident during an ultrasound for another reason. I was told to leave them alone until 5 years later, when I started experiencing painful abdominal bloating and a GI recommended I have my GB removed. No tests of any kind were done to determine if the bloating was caused by anything else. I had my GB removed almost a year ago. Since then the bloating has continued and, in addition, I have terrible pain in my upper right quadrant just under my ribcage, especially after I eat. My doctor has admitted to me that having my GB out was a mistake. Tired of feeling poorly, I sought the opinion of another GI who diagnosed me with celiac disease. After total elimination of gluten from my diet, I still experienced the same painful bloating. I eventually determined on my own that I was allergic to carrageenan, a food additive, which is found in many dairy products and salad dressings. MSG is another culprit. Because of my celiac disease, I have many food sensitivities. If only my first GI had done a simple blood test to check for celiac, I would not have had my gallbladder removed. I recently found a new doctor, a holistic MD, who does not recommend having your GB removed unless it is absolutely necessary! Anyone contemplating having your GB removed, I urge you to get a 2nd and perhaps even a 3rd opinion from a holistic physician who has other ideas of how to treat gallbladder pain. If I could turn back the hands of time and reverse my GB surgery I would. I was in great health before my surgery and now I feel awful most days. I have found that eating a low-fat diet and taking a digestive enzyme and Cholacol help to relieve the pain somewhat.