“Hi! I had my gallbladder out in 2004 and experienced bloating and pain and daily diarreah for the first 3 years. Then I decided to lose weight and changed my eating habits. I haven’t had to cut out fiber in fact I super fiber myself. I consistently get 50 grams of fiber daily. The bloat and gasiness from beans is sometimes painful but nowhere near as painful as in the past. As for fat, that still gets me. I switched to a mostly lowfat diet and no longer deal with what I used to call “”the 15 minute rule””. Before I went lower fat I inevitably would have to run to the bathroom within 15 minutes of eating. It was embarrassing. No eating in the car on roadtrips.

The change didn’t happen over night, once I switched to high fiber and lower fat, it took about 4 maybe 5 months for my body to adjust and now I am regular and only get the “”15 minute rule”” when I eat something especially fatty, like deep fried most anything.