I just found this forum this evening, and just registered. I have good and bad news, based on my own experiences. This week will be 18 years since I had my gallbladder removed. I still have most of the symptoms that have been described, except for chest pain. That doesn’t happen very often luckily, but when it does, it only lasts for a few minutes. A fatty meal will induce symptoms. And, for years, everytime we went out to dinner I needed to time how long it was going to take me to get home to the bathroom, or know where I could find a decent bathroom not far from the restaurant. (hope that wasn’t too graphic.) I accidently discovered that, by eating yogurt with active cultures everyday, within several weeks my symptoms slowly started to subside. It took about a year before I could skip a day. After several years, I could skip several days, etc. At the beginning, if I skipped too many days, I would be running to the bathroom again. Now, after all of these years, I can skip a month without yogurt. (I’m not too fond of yogurt, but also found that fat free frozen yogurt works just as well, if it has active cultures.) I am symptomatic again, but it has been several months since I had yogurt of any kind, so I will have to start with this again. Keifer works just as well, and has more kinds of digestive enzymes, but it is difficult to find where I live. I just thought I would pass this along because, if you persist, this really does work. It has been keeping things under control for me for the past 13 years. Hope this proves to be helpful for someone.