“I had my gallbladder removed in February and was told no restrictions, however, they “”advised”” to watch out for foods that cause discomfort of any kind, then, avoid them. I found the following list did not work for me for about 8-10 weeks following surgery: wine, dairy, tomatoes, animal fat (lean meats okay), large meals – no matter what the content. After a few months, I re-tried tomatoes and spicy food with success. I switched from wine to an ocaisional light beer, switched from dairy milk to rice milk (which I like better), and can tolerate a little cheese (e.g. on pizza, or sprinkled on foods) with no issues. I think the point is that your body needs some time to adjust and its asking you to listen very closely while it does. If you continue to have digestive problems however, do not hesitate to return to your doctor!