I had my gallbladder removed 5 weeks after having my son at 29 years of age. I was completely healthy, then when I was pregnant with him and especially after giving birth I was having the most horrid chest pain. Doctors were blaming it on pregnancy induced heartburn. That was not the case, when I was finally hospitalized for the 3rd time they did a sonogram of my gallbladder and sure enough it was about to explode and completely inflamed. It was removed and I have not had any complications since. I just watch what I eat, exercise, try to avoid fried foods and red meat and take my vitamins. I haven’t noticed any change since surgery. My Mother, my gynocologist, my grandmother and my aunt have all had theirs removed and they are all just fine also. My grandmother is pushing 80 and still kicking. I believe the statement that your lifespan is shortened after your gallbladder is removed is not true. You can read anything on the internet and it will scare the bejesus out of you. Nowadays EVERYTHING causes cancer etc. etc. Take care of yourself and lead a good life. There’s no point in worrying about when or how you may die. life is short, enjoy it and don’t worry about when or how it may happen…it’s not worth worrying about.