Hi, I had my gallbladder out 14 yrs ago and just recently had an ERCP with exactly the same symptoms. I feel like my chest is on fire no matter what I do I am on Nexium 2x a day and just had an scope with bipsy and showed that I have a hiatal Hernia. I have also taken reglan helped a little but very its bad for you with the side effects etc. They just put me on questran for bile reflux which he is calling non-acid reflux saying it is bile.. Now he also thinks heart which when I was in the hospital the end of Aug. they worked me up and found nothing wrong with my heart. He said sometimes it could be a false negative. Hi, yes I did have stones in my common bile duct . I went to the ER with severe chest and stomach pain and my GI doc told me to go and the tests that they did showed that I had pancreatitis which was caused by the stone even after all thoses years with the gallbladder removal. I seem to have never recoved from all of that since Aug. 2008. They did all the heart studies and found nothing I am at my wits end too. I am on a very low fat diet and try to eat very small meals. I am not sure why I have this but with the new medicine that i will try tomorrow we will see if it helps. If it does than maybe it is from BILE reflux and not acid since I am taking the nexium 2x daily. The GI doc thinks that is what is it. I can’t wait to see if it works.