“and I thought I was going Crazy! I’m glad I’m not..
dj.. I had my gallbladder out in Sept.. and I still look pregnant.. my doctor says everything is fine..

I suffered for a year with Reflux and pains and waking up in the middle of the night doubled over followed by hours of diahrea before I finally cut out everything but tuna, parmasan, speggetti sauce and pasta and a little margarine it was the only thing I could eat and not get sick. And sometimes even that made me sick if I put too much margarine or if I ate a brand of sauce that wasn’t low fat.. after 9 months worth of tests and specialists .. upper gi.. ultrasound.. ucg.. a scope down my throat they finally checked to see if my gallbladder was functioning properly.. and
bingo it wasn’t.. by then my cholesterol had sky rocketed!.. (which my surgeon said was common)

but I still have the problems with the reflux and heart burn and live on prevacid.. I’m going to try the whole husk psyllium like
Cynthyia recommended. my doctor said try citricell but it didn’t help..

I wish I was losing weight like some of you are though.. I’m gaining like crazy.. I recently found something at vitamins.com that said prevacid inhibits the absorbtion of Vitamin B, which boosts your matabolism.. so I’ve tried adding vitamin B to my diet as supplement.

in the mean time I still have to eat a very low fat diet.. or I end up sick again”