I had emergency surgery 3 weeks ago to have my gallbladder out also.. I went tO my post-op yesterday and explained to the Dr. about Itching and diarreah. He said to take metamucil, a few tablets before each meal or follow the directions on the bottle. I bought some yesterday and am pleased to report a huge notice in the itching, and that’s only after 10 capsules. I also take clacium for the diarreah and it helps too. I have had people tell me Questran helps them, but I wanted to try non-rx first. I weighed roughly 116lbs when I went into surgery and I now weigh 104, so I can’t afford to lose any more weight. I have started ensure and eat a lot of yogurt, brown rice and toast with a little peanut butter on it. I know its rough but hang in there and I hope metamucil will work for you….it binds the bile, make sure you drink plenty of water or you won’t feel so great being constipated. You no longer will have bile in your stomach because the liver, unlike the gallbladder which just stored it and released it as needed, your liver allows it to constantly flow into your intestines. Good luck and post back how your doing!