I have suffered with extreme bloating and gas with gurgling sounds ALL THE TIME for the past 8 years or so. It is embarrassing and annoying. I have pain in my abdomen off and on. And my stomach is always swollen. A recent blood test indicated elevated levels of something or other that my Dr. said indicates pancreatitis. I also have a hiatal hernia – does this contribute to the bloating?? Who knows. I am scheduled for an UltraSound to verify the presence of gallstones and my Dr. said we would then remove my GB. After reading all of these posts it appears that the symptoms everyone gets AFTER the surgery is exactly what I have now. Before reading these I had hope for a pleasant future without gas/bloating & pain but it seems to me that the majority of you continue to struggle. I know that I am tired a lot more and that I cannot lose weight no matter how hard I exercise (1.5 hrs perday and 4-6 days per week) and I eat very healthy – I track EVERYTHING I put in my mouth – but if the symptoms continue after the surgery then there is no point. I have tried probiotics in the past that seem to calm the symptoms. I would much rather take a natural remedy internally everyday than to have permanent damage caused by the removal of the GB. Thank you to everyone for helping me “see the light”