“I had my GB removed last Thursday…my dr told me I could eat whatever I want now. I understood it to mean…trial and error…well, I guess last night I found my first error…OUTBACK! This was the first red meat i’ve eaten and I got a pain that was WORSE than the 3 attacks I had right before my surgery. Doubled over. Couldn’t move. Sweating profusely. High Fever…
Am I never going to be able to eat meat again?
Not that I’ll die, but I just don’t want to keep trying if there’s no point.
I lost over 40 lbs not eating meat…and I finally got myself to a great weight and have been getting into shape…I would hate to think this was all for nothing!
Please let me know!
OH – also…prior to the surgery, I hadn’t been eating anything by clear broth and non-fat crackers…so, the attacks started on March 1st(out of the country), I was back in the country on March 4th and in for surgery on March 5th. I’m a 33 yr old female who had a PERFECT gallbladder until 2 months of IV Rocephin for Lyme…I still wonder if I really don’t need my gallbladder!”