“i had mine taken out 2/6/09. i did ok starting out but after 3 weeks, i was miserable. for the last 2 weeks, i’ve been having blood work and ultrasounds. the pain is 10x’s worse than the attacks i was having prior to surgery. the week before surgery, i was in the ER twice. my gallbladder was full of stones and scarring so it had been an issue for a while. i always thought i was having colon attacks til i had one so bad that i ended up in the er. anyway, today is monday and i’ve been in horrible pain since last thursday. my ultrasound results came back today and showed an enlarged common bile duct and a stone. i was told this was fairly rare. my pcp said he couldnt get me in with a gastro until mid april. i came home today and just cried my eyes out. there is NO way i can wait that long. so i did some research online and called around. i told my story to a nurse at a clinic in the town near here. she is working me in this wednesday and said i may get lucky enough to have the ercp done on thursday.

my advice to you all that are still in pain, do not ignore it and feel free to get a second opinion. you can’t put a price on your health and life. also, as for the bowl problems, i am taking Colestipol. i only take it twice a week (sunday and thursday) otherwise i would be constipated. it is a prescription. and it does help. hopefully that will help some of you.

i have gone through a bottle of 60 percocets in the last 6 weeks and just got 20 more today…. i feel like i just cant take this anymore. i’m only 29 years old and feel like i’m falling apart thanks to this surgery. mentally and physically, i am just worn out. have any of you needed another surgery after the first one? thanks in advance.”