I had my gall bladder removed in mid July of this year, along with a bladder tumor. I still continue to have mild stomach pain every other day or so. Although overweight, I have always been in good health so it was the shock of my life to find that I had bladder cancer. The tumor was small enough that my Urologist did not suggest any further treatment other than monitoring. I did opt to receive immuno therapy just to be on the safe side. Since I still have the stomach pain that I had before I had my gall bladder removed, I really want to find out if it is normal or if I have other problems. The pain is never bad enough that I need to take anything but I know it is there. It seems to be worse when I eat beans, spaghetti squash, or raw vegetables, or I eat too much. I find myself not wanting to eat but I’m afraid the pain will come if I don’t. I may wake in the middle of the night with stomach pain. The pain comes from my mid stomach/belly button area. I have also had pain in that area of my back that comes for no reason on some days and will not go away until the next day. I have not had any problems with diarrhea. I just went to a Gastro/Intestinal doctor and he asked me if they had done any other tests other than the CAT scan of my abdomen (they did not). There were also some small nodules on my liver which none of the doctors were too concerned about and I have kidney stones. The pathology report said there were no stones but my gall bladder was diseased. My new doctor’s prognosis so far is: Post-Cholectstectomy Syndrome or Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy (upper and lower) and they will be putting a scope down my throat within the week. Am I describing the symptoms that are normal for post gall bladder removal? When I told my urologist and my gynecologist about the stomach pain, they said to wait two months. When you find out you have cancer in one organ and you feel the same pain that led you to find it in the first place, it is not very comforting to be told to wait. I’m hoping my new doctor can shed some light on this. I can live with the pain if this is what it is.