Donna, seems we share some of the same symptoms, chest pain that the doctors say is not heart related. I made one visit to ER, ekg, x-ray, and cardiac enzymes were negative. Nonetheless, I have an appointment on Apr 5 with my cardiologist. Just want to be sure. The Nexium seems to be working, just started it yesterday, better than the famotodine or protonix. Guess everyone’s body chemistry is different. Anyway, today I had the least amount of chest pain since this all started in early january, but I still had some. At least the night time pains/burning through to the back have subsided. Have been free of that for about 5 days, thanks to the famotodine. Hope the Nexium continues to work. My endoscope did show gastritis and a hiatal hernia. So I do have problems that would explain these symptoms. It is too bad that there isn’t something that might explain your chest pains. The echocardiogram is a pretty good test. The angiogram, invasive procedure, is the gold standard of course. Did you have an endoscope exam? If not, perhaps you should. You mentioned upper GI. Did they have you drink a barium liquid while they observed your stomach/esophagus on a screen?? Usually that will pick up reflux and possibly ulcers. Then there is the nasty little affliction called stress. It can do just about anything anywhere in your body, including the chest.