“I had my gallbladder removed on 1/30/07 I am 22 years old and have since continued to have pain. The pain right after surgery was unbearable and I was told by my surgeon that this is not normal and he made me come back for a quick followup and I was told everything is normal. I then started to feel a lot better I still experieced a stabbing pain on my right side when I sat in the same position or over stretched, but recently within the past three weeks I have been experieincing horrible gallbladder attack type pain in my upper right side and into my back whever I eat or drink anything it seems. I also feel nauseous and it gets so bad sometimes my right arm will start to hurt. It feels worse then when I had the gallbladder. When it was removed they did not find any stones only scarring on the gallbladder and it took them 6 months to diagnose the gallbladder in the first place. I am having an endoscopy done, but from the looks of the other posts that may not find the issue.

Any suggestions?”