Hi everyone, I have read all your blogs and have noticed that my symptoms are actually the same except for other things.I had my gallbladder removed sept 25 2009.Since that day II’ve experienced diarrhea everyday all day.No matter what I eat or drink I find myself in the bathroom. The pain in unbearable.I have gained about 25 pounds in the last year. I’ ve had a colonoscopy done about 9 months ago and everything was normal..My GI told me I was Lactose and tolerant..Then it was the fatty foods..Now he just don’t know..I’m at my witts end with this.I’m physically and emotionally done with this..I don’t know what to do.I take anti-diarrhea medication everyday just to feel some type of normal bowel movents and nothing seems to help. I have 3 incisions and a bulge that don’t go away..If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated..I’m open to any advice..I hope you all get well soon.Thanks for reading..Heather