“Wow, I am blown away at all the posts about URQ pain. I have been experiencing it for two months now with no resolve. My pain is consistent in the same area as if there is some foreign object there that doesn’t belong. It gets worse with sitting and laying on that side. The only slight relief is laying down. I find I have trouble breathing or it just seems like I take more deep breaths. But my lungs were clear when my doc checked.

I have had no gallbladder for 4 yrs, and a partial hysterectomy (7 yrs ago). So far the docs have checked for blood clots, both with blood tests and a CT Scan, checked my liver function, a chest xray and now I am scheduled for a check of my bladder (with the camera) and an ultrasound of my kidneys. After reading all these posts it appears that I’m gonna be searching for this cause for some time. I’m glad I found out that I am not the only one though :). ”