“Please don’t starve yourself, your body is only trying to adjust to something that helped you process or store fats, etc. I had my gallbladder removed over 17 years ago and I still have problems at times. I know this may sound terrible, but even without a gallbladder you can still produce gall stones. I’m dealing with that now myself.

As for your doctor, I’m surprised he or she didn’t tell you to start (or even stay) on a low fat diet as anything, including eggs, that has a high fat content will make you feel like you’re having one of those “”fun”” gallbladder attacks. It does get better in time as your body adjusts, but 14 days isn’t that long. I had trouble on and off for months. Throwing up bile, etc. Your body just needs to try to figure out what to do with any fat you may consume since it’s “”storage tank”” is gone. Just try to stay away from high fat foods and really try hard not to eat anything fried or really big meals at this point. As for eggs, I’d try some of those wonderful egg substitutes like Egg Beaters and go easy on any cheese you may want in there, stick to the low or no fat varieties.

Hang in there, it will get better”