“I am 5 weeks post-op and I am still battling indigestion. My gastro doctor has put me on 80mg of nexium and it has helped a lot but has not completely rid me of the problem. I am happy to say that my back and shoulder pain has gone away. Some days I am constipated and others I have diarrhea. I have been eating a low-fat, high-fiber diet. No red meat. Mostly fish and chicken for protein. My gastro doctor has told me that my symptoms are atypical but when I read this thread, I find others with the same problems many weeks after having their gallbladder removed. I had an upper endoscopy and a scan of my abdomen. The endoscopy found a small polyp which was sent out for a biopsy. It came back fine and the scan found 2 gallstones. My original symptoms that sent me to the gastro doctor was that I was experiencing indigestion for several weeks and then it was followed by a week of severe reflux. Water would even bubble back up. I not really sure if my problem was my really my gallbladder or if I have a gerd/reflux problem. I have read that many people live with gallstones and never have any problems. I guess my doctor thought it was my gallbladder that was given me trouble but I still have the same symptoms that I had before I had it removed. I thought it was a good idea to schedule the surgery than to end up in the ER. I’ve been to a series of doctor.
I even had my heart checked. Not sure what I should do next. ”