I had my gallbladder out over 15 years ago and did fine for several years and here in the past 5-6 years i would have these real bad attacks that you thought you would die. the pain would be in the upper front part of the admonin right there between the rib cage and at times would go around the right side or straight thru me like a knife to by back. Well I know how your mother feels I also thought i was going crazy but they finally put a stint in and that took care of the constant hurting off and on it did not matter what i eat sometimes if i just drink water it hurt. So I have had 4 stints they can only stay in there for about 3 months. I had my last one out the later of march 2009 and i just had another attact this past weekend so now what do I do I can’t keep putting in stints and taking them out every 3 or 4 months. But that being said the stint might help your mother maybe hers will stay expanded and want have to have more that one. After the stint is put in you will hurt (ache) for abour 5-9 days so expect that. If they did a ERCP once and I had the same thing that was backed up and that was early on with me it is still happing with your mother get her to a speclist. My gastroenterologist refered me to a specalist that specialilizes in the bile duct acually he is a surgen.I am currently looking to see what my next step will be.hope she can find some relief.”