Well, I just found this place by accident. I had my gall bladder removed about 7 years ago, I was supposed to have had keyhole surgery for gall stones but for some reason they had to slice me open and take out the whole gall bladder. I too have the problem of having to take a dump after eating, diarrhea most of the time, a pain just below the sternum and a generally uncomfortable stomach. Sometimes I only shit once a day, sometimes 4 times but it’s always the same. I have not lost weight, in fact I’ve gained over a stone over the 7 years. This could be my age though, I’m 58 and male. I have tried cutting down on fatty food but it made no difference. I had no idea why I had this poop problem but having read some of these posts, I now know what it must be. By the way, I was curious to see what my stones were like and bought them home, the largest one was the size of a marble and I had a couple of smaller ones but they were broken up.