I am a 39 yr old female who had gallbladder removal surgery last March and since that time have been having increasing upper rib pain. At my 6 week check after surgery my gasto doc blew me off as having indigestion and had me take gas x…….the pain has only been getting worse. I went to my PCP in Nov and he said that I had iflamation in my rib joint and had a floater rib, take some steriods and antiflamatorties. I am still no better only worse! I went to the ER last week and they said that I had inflamation (inflammation) in my rib joint. If I move wrong or have a bowl movement it is almost too much. I am so tired of going doc to doc while my pain daily is getting worse and worse. I am taking extra strength tylenols to get through the day. any suggestions??? i am tired of the pain!!!