I had my GB taken out about 3 years ago. Before leaving the hospital I told the nurse that three out of the 5 incisions were seeping and they discharged me anyway as it was a laperscopic outpatient procedure. Two days later I was vomitting bile and couldnt move the pain was so bad. Was rushed to ER where I was given admitted for 4 days with antibiotics and etc. Now, I have been to my PCPhad x-rays, ultra sound, CT and a visit to the ER. Have seen my Gastro doctor as I have pain under right rib that goes into the back and also down about two or three inches below the right rib. I have also been having major diarrhea and havee lost a lot of weight. Have been nauseous and have had stomach and intestinal spasms. I will wake up with major back pain in the right rib area. All tests are negative. She put me on some more meds for the spasms but doesnt help the pain or the diarrhea. I have been complaining for well over a year and now all of this has me on the sofa married to my heating pad. I am very active and have just been down for about 8 weeks. Have a recheck appointment with gastro doctor in two weeks and she said I might have to go to a general surgeon as it may be scar tissue. Would that cause major diarrhea too? So tired of this. Yes literally tired also. Try to keep a smile on my face aroud my family but end up yelling at everyone as it hurts but I don’t mean to. Hope they can fix this and it is so nice to know I am not alone. I don’t take pain meds as I have a 26 year old autistic son and need to be alert for him. Have to say. I have been scared. Happy to have found this site