“I had my gallbladder removed back in the fall of 2006. I have the pains in my abdomin ( right between the rib cage). I have to lay down from 15-45 minutes for it to pass. It takes the wind right out of me. I was in Florida on vacation about 2 weeks ago and the pain started in while we were out to eat. I got up and went to the restroom thinking I was gonna get sick, next thing I knew I came to under the sink. I had fainted, hit my head on the sink and then came to. I got up and went back out again. This time I took the bathroom stahl down with ( clean off its hinges ). I came to on the floor by the toilet and the door on top of me. I managed to get up and make out of the bathroom to get my husbands attention. He came to the bathroom and peeked in and about that time I was going out again. He caught me and I laid me on the floor. I to and he was on top of me holding me down. I started shaking ( they thought i was having a seizure). The parametics were called and I went to the hospital. They did tests (blood sugar, heart, cat scann, ekg.) and found nothing. Everything was normal.
I have had endometrioses in the past and had a full hystorectomy. Before the hystro. I was having these pells (3 in my lifetime), this was my fourth. The doctors have no clue on what causes it to happen. They want me to come in while it is happening but im at work or its late in the evening. I have never been this bad till our trip to Florida.. it is scary. I wish there was a reason for all this.”