I’ve been dealing with right side abdominal pain for over 6 months now. From the beginning I said it’s right where my gallbladder would be IF I had one. It was removed about 4 years prior to this pain showing up. I’ve chased my tail for the last 6 months. My GI doc did every test he could do, and ruled out everything he could, before passing me back to my Gyno with the theory that maybe it was endometriosis (because the pain replicated during sex). She went in and did laproscopy and I did have moderate Endo, but now (2 months later) the pain is still there. I’ve seen a pelvic pain specialist and am now in PT. The specialist said he felt like it was probably muscular, but if I didn’t improve by the time I saw him again in 4 months he’d be doing surgery again to see what might have been missed. He put in me PT and they have suggested something I’ve wondered for a while… that it might be scar tissue from my GB surgery. After the laproscopy my Gyno told my husband that there was “a lot of scar tissue” around my gallbladder. He replied “she doesn’t have a gallbladder” to which my Gyno replied “yeah, then there’s definitely a lot of scar tissue there”. I’ve got another 4 months of this before I see the specialist again, and after two visits to PT I’m not really hopeful that they are going to be able to help much. They said they can work on the scar tissue at the incisions, but I don’t think they can do much about the gallbladder.