“I had my gallbladder out 19 years ago after losing 40 lbs after pregnancy. Turns out dieting can make the gallbladder try to eject any stones you might have (who knew!???). I had one little pea-sized stone stuck in my bile duct. Off to ER with ripping pain, add one surgeon with a knife, and my gallbladder was no more. No post-operative suggestions were given for diet change, supplements…nothing. I looked healthy, so what could they say??? Off you go into the wild blue yonder…

Now, 19 years later, and 65 lbs heavier, I have started trying to figure out why I cannot lose weight, have developed all kinds of food sensitivities, suffer from vitamin deficiencies and have lost hair. I have also started getting the shit-bomb 10 mins after eating non-organic eggs (no more breakfasts out), peanut butter of any kind, cow’s milk, and haven’t been able to eat red meat in ANY form for more than 5 years (oh no I don’t shit red meat out, I just barf it back up – super gross).

My annual physicals are “”perfect”” my DR says except I need to lose weight, and my bad cholesterol is at the top of the “”healthy”” range so he’d like to see me exercise more to lower it a little.

I should say too that 95% of the time I am a very healthy (mostly organic) eater – lots of fish, chicken, veggies, fruits, and cottage cheese (for some reason I can tolerate a cup a day of cottage cheese a day and my nutritionist said I need calcium and since I hate soy and rice based products, I eat the cottage cheese with no trouble). I limit my carbs to 2-3 servings per day and then only wholewheat/highfiber. I work out 2-3 times a week (1/2 hr weights, 1/2 hr cardio), and live pretty well (take time out for stress relief, etc). SO WHAT WAS I DOING WRONG TO GAIN ALL THIS WEIGHT!?!?! It was making me crazy!

Finally I went to a naturopath three weeks ago just to see what she had to say. It turns out my weight gain is because I had my gall-bladder out. I have been storing all that undigested fat in my lower body for 19 years; year after year adding a few more pounds. And if I eat a slice of cake at a birthday party once in a blue moon, you can be sure I’ll be up a pound or two the next day.

I have been taking all kinds of vitamins (B complex, C, D, cal-mag, and a multi) as well as I just started on digestive enzymes this week. The naturopath said I needed to look for one high in LIPASE – so I am taking ReNew Life’s DIGEST MORE ULTRA. The healthfood store clerk said it has the highest level of lipase. So far, it’s made me poop 3 times a day (it’s normal poop) – for me this is UNREAL as normally I have only pooped once every day or two for the past 19 years (unless I ate the forbidden foods mentioned above, and God forbide if I ate something greasy – BAD news & 5 minutes to a fat flush).

I will start probiotics next week. (One new thing a week!) I tried a cleanse before (Medi-Clear) and it made me gag to drink it and it didn’t make me feel any better, so I’ve forgone it so far with the naturopath.

I will try to come back and give regular updates on my journey to let you all know how my weight loss and return to better health is going. Keep your fingers crossed, and your prayers coming…maybe we can all figure this out together!”