“Hello All,
Nice to see I’m not the only one having this pains. I had my gull bladder removed on 10/21/2010. Today is 5/3/2011 so it’s been 6 and some months and am still experiencing this pain problem. When the doctors took out my gull bladder they never mentioned that I would have to deal with this stomach, and insition pain and disconfort problems, but as I can see I’m not the only one who has had them or is experiencing them. Note that I had laparoscopy surgery, which is the regular 4 insition procedure (non invasive).

To me it seems that stomach disconfort and sometimes pain comes to be mostly because of food and the the way our stomach/body process them. I seem to have this pains most of all when I eat acid foods, drink alcohol or foods that build up gas in the gastro system. I have not figured out what diet works best for me as I love my hispanic foods that I’ve eaten all of my life, but eventually I will probably have to work hard and look for a diet that helps. Also note that now I must right away must go to the restroom and eliminate my solid intakes right after I eat.

I also have pain and disconfort at the top (main/big), and right lower insitions when I lay down to sleep for the night, speacially when the front of my body is down pressed agains the bed. The pains seem to be worst if I have had a late dinner and still feel full or feel my stomach bloated. The pain and disconfort seems to always feels worst at the top (big) insition and this happens almost every night.

I also rerely, do wake up with an acute pain in my stomach much like the pains and symtoms I experinced when I had to go to the emergency room and they took out my gullbladder. This is usually cured in my case by going immediately to the kitchen and drinking some water and eating something quick and light to hold me till breakfast.

Well, I hope this helps anyone and have no fear you are not alone.”