Hi, I had my gallbladder removed about 7 years ago. I regret it. I have some sort of chronic hives conditon and have to take an antihistamine to controll it insanely prickling itching and misery. I have been researching for almost two years to figure out what is causing this and I am now able to relate it to the galbladder removal. The poor liver cannot cope with the galbaldder removal and so it it struggling. One VER important thing to do after the removal of the galbladder is to take lipase, an enzyme, that digestes or helps to digest fats!! please research this and consider it. Talk to your docs about lipase. I am working on taking this now that I found out about it 7 years later and GEEEEZ why didnt the doc tell me to do this. I am working on getting my liver clean and eating healthier, less fats, more whole grains, love quinoa!!