“I had an echocardiogram in sept””06 when all the indigestion started. I of course wanted a nuclear stress test but my insurance company would not cover it. I’m 49 years old so I am very concerned about women’s heart health.
Echocadiogram was fine. I have also made 3 trips to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack because I was experiencing indigestion and chest pain.
ER doctors ruled out my heart, told me I should have my stomach checked.
So here I am 8 weeks after having my gallbladder removed with the same symptoms. I have to say the indigestion is getting better. I take 40mg of Nexium once a day. I have also been taking gas-x after meals. I continue to have bouts of indigestion during the day with left (over the breast) chest pain.
I saw a cardiologist 2 weeks just to be sure and he said my symptoms sound
like GERD/Acid Reflux but nothing is showing up on my CT or GI.
I have been taking Nexium for more than a month so I wondering if that was a reason nothing shows up on the scans. When I read this thread, it seems there are a lot of people who are still having problems (like mine) after having their gallbladder removed. I mentioned the web site to my gastro doctor and
when I asked him about post-gallbladder removal syndrome, he didn’t seem to
think that was my problem because I had indigestion and backache before I had my gallbladder removed. I’m back at square one.”