My gall bladder was removed in 2002. I had ERCP in 2005 and suffered from GERD symptoms (daily pain and burn sensation in the chest/abdomen/gall bladder area) for about 7 months after ERCP. However, since 2006, I am glad to say that I am free of all GERD symptoms PROVIDED that I take one 20mg Omeprazole daily or nightly. My point is that you have to be patient. I panic when Omeprazole or Nexium couldn’t get rid of my pain 1-2 months after ERCP. I stopped taking the medicines. I consulted more doctors, take alternative medicines (chinese herbs, supplement, aloe vera), but was not able to get rid of the painful symptoms. After about 5 mths or so, I decided to get back to Omeprazole, (having given up on alternative medicines cure), and add on the fact that my body had begun to adapt to the pain, I felt less pain. Eventually, after resumed taking Omeprazole for 1 month or so, I was free of any GERD related pain. I must add that if I stopped taking Omeprazole daily, the abdominal and chest pain will come back after 1-2 days.