“I too have been gaining weight slowly since my GB was removed. I was overweight at 119kg before the surgery and due to anatomical abnormalities (WTF???) they have to cut me open to remove the GB. BTW i still get the same pain (on the left side of abdomen (although not as severe)) and end up opening bowels 3 – 6 times a day. as apposed to 1 – 2 times daily prior to surgery. I mainly eat low cal/low-fat. Do not drink Milk (Fat Free Soy milk only) and get plenty of excercise. (1 hour walk to work and back each day).

Currently I am at 123.6kg. I eat healthily, although largish portions (need to cut back).

Things to try:
Table spoon of Lecithin with cereal in the morning (Lecithin aids in emulsifying fats, strange as its is virtually fat itself). Bile salts and acidophilus bifidus (Yakult) on a regular basis. I will also try fish oil as well ”